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Top 3 Mailers for Authors: 2024 Edition

Keeping a mailing list sounds like and should be a simple part of your work as an author, but the wrong one can cost a lot of time or money you don’t need to spend.

Some authors dive into the newsletter scene without knowing what they’re getting into and become overwhelmed—not because of writing newsletters but because of the headache that comes with it.

Here’s an overview of some of the top options.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’ve used each of these three and have settled on one as a favorite, but I’ll try to be objective in my overview so you can make the best decision for what you want and need in a mailer.


Major bonus: It’s free.

Also, it’s been around for decades. Mailchimp is one of the oldest mailers out there, and it’s remained one of the most popular options.

The big reason for this is the price tag, which makes it appealing especially if you just want to dip your toes into the newsletter experience without paying into it first.

Major con: Mailchimp has limited customization and a frustrating experience.

Out of all the mailers I’ll discuss in this article, Mailchimp has the weakest user experience. The interface is counter-intuitive, and you’ll have to experiment to find a layout you like and set up your newsletters to your satisfaction.

This has led some writers to back out of the newsletter game prematurely, assuming that other mailers will lead to the same headache—and it’s likely the biggest reason you might want to consider shelling out more for an alternative.


Major bonus: It comes will all the bells and whistles.

Aweber is a deluxe experience, and right from the start you can design your way to the newsletter of the dreams.

Branded color scheme? Done!

Integrated graphics? Done!

Automation, done-for-you-templates and easy scheduling? Done, done, done!

Aweber is well established and integrates with everything, from your blog to many of the group promotions you’ll want to sign up for. It’s a largely hassle-free experience that gives you professional results without the headache.

Major con: Aweber is comparatively expensive.

You won’t get broke spending $20 a month, but it adds up… especially since there are other services that offer similar options but much cheaper.

This won’t be a problem once you’re well established or if you’re looking for a deluxe experience, but for new authors, it can add extra strain to your publishing business.

If budget is high on your list, you might give it a pass.


Major bonus: It’s sleek, minimalistic, and worry-free.

Sendfox challenges subscription services by charging per batch of subscribers instead of on a monthly interval. After one up-front fee that covers your first 5,000 subscribers, you don’t need to pay until you blow past that number.

Sendfox doesn’t have all the deluxe features of Aweber, but it’s easy to throw together a newsletter if you want something clean and minimalistic.

If you want a mailer that’s worry free—no recurring payments, no exotic visuals, simplistic interface and user experience—Sendfox is a great way to go.

Major con: Sendfox is new.

While Sendfox has been growing in popularity, it’s not as well established as other mailers. Features are limited, and not everything integrates with it.

While this doesn’t affect the basic experience of writing and sending emails, some otherwise common features (like the ability to view and share archived emails) are limited or missing altogether.

Sendfox has been growing in popularity and acceptance, but it still lacks the established credibility that other mailers have built up over the past years or decades.

Note: I currently use Sendfox for my emails, but I have worked with Mailchimp and Aweber in the past. The mailer you choose should be based on your own resources and what type of newsletter you believe would be most effective with your readers.


Keep in mind, your newsletter should be a fun experience—a break from your usual cycle of planning and drafting and revising—and a chance to share some of your behind-the-scenes life and upcoming projects with your readers on a more intimate level.

If it’s a headache and feels more like a chore than a fun change of pace, your solution might be as simple as changing mailers. It’s worth shopping around every now and then to see if there’s something that fits better for you.

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