About the Author

Amanda Clemmer, Authorpreneur and Blogger

I've enjoyed reading and writing stories since I was a kid. All through middle and high school, I worked towards having a career writing fiction--and everyone told me I could make it. I got a degree in writing and literature from the University of Northwestern in Minnesota, and instantly started freelance writing, bursting with confidence. 

But it didn't work.


My Journey

I made some money writing. I could comfortably earn up to $250 per month writing articles and ebooks and editing on the side. I started my first blog on writing, Finish That Novel!, and published my first bestseller, a steampunk novella called Automaton that I had originally written for the NaNoWriMo writing challenge the past November.

I realized that I wasn't a total flop. I just wasn't paying the bills, either. I had a mailing list for my blog with good engagement, but had no idea how to profit from it. I made sales of my book to friends and fans alike, but had no idea why I sold when I did or how to replicate my system. My future books performed worse, and I found myself scrambling for writing jobs that wouldn't exhaust me. 

Then life happened. My husband and I bought our first house, and it was a fixer-upper. I had to quit my job writing for a real-life day job at a local school. The strain grew from there. I missed the flexibility of choosing my work, the freedom to learn more about my craft and become better at it.

Years passed.

I experimented. I tried things out. I advertised. I made mistakes. I knew that there were fiction writers like me who had broken out of the drudgery of nine-to-five, and I knew I was capable of reaching their status. Eventually, I started studying success stories. What decisions did these authors make? What principles did they operate on? What could I replicate? 

My goal at Pen And Glory is to help great writers succeed in publishing. I want you to be able to magnify and optimize your success in the competitive world of ebook selling, attract readers to your book like flies to a lightbulb, and turn a quick profit while you're at it.

Let's get started!