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Fantasy Horse


I've learned that pen names are much better for my fiction than my real name—especially since I like experimenting and trying wild new techniques that might backfire. Here are some of my more popular recent sci-fi and fantasy projects available for readers.

Broken Bones 3D.jpg

The Ghost Ring

My latest fantasy series features the adventures of Bunny Rainville, a college student who gains the ability to see ghosts—and learns that most spirits who stay are not-so-dearly departed.

Space Marine Brides

This currently ongoing series is a sweet-but-spicy take on alien romance and my own lifelong love of sci-fi adventure. A group of human women are abducted, escape by their wits, and land themselves on a ship of extremely handsome space marines.

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Never Never - 3D Mockup.png

Never, Never

Wanda Barrie has a dad she’s never met, a history of bad luck, and a looming adulthood that is already brimming with disappointment. But the tables turn the night before her twentieth birthday, when a stranger kidnaps her and carries her away—a stranger she soon learns is none other than Peter Pan himself...

The Alien Rock Star Series

Retro-futuristic stardust and glamorous new worlds await! In the aftermath of a less than glorious alien invasion, pop culture is re-defined. Earth becomes a new hotspot for rising Alien rock stars and outer space provides a scandalous new backdrop for romance.

Alien Rock Stars.png
Midnight valley mockup.png

Midnight Valley

This could refer to the short series I wrote when I kicked off Sierra Storm, but I usually use it to refer to the trilogy I wrote more recently. Heartbroken vampires, feuding werewolves, and a world where everything is turned upside down.

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