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Make Book Sales in 24 Hours

Picture this: You're sitting in a cold stone room, underground, with your computer in front of you. Your captor paces around and lights a cigarette. The lights buzz overhead.

"So, they say you're a writer, right?" asks your captor.

"Yes, that's right," you say.

"Self published?"


"And your books. You ever actually sell any of them?"

"Yes. . ."

"Prove it." He rolls down his sleeve and reveals an expensive watch. "You've got twenty-four hours, big-shot. If I check your account and see that you didn't make any sales, I pull the trigger."

Okay, the scenario is unlikely, but it's still a question to ask: can you make any determined sales with such a short window?

Can you sell a copy of your book in 24 hours?

I make no guarantees of success. I don't know if you have one book or three hundred, thousands of fans or only two. But if you want to give your sales of an existing book a substantial boost, there are several ways to go about it.

Here are some tricks I developed for one of my alter ego, pen name authors when she was experiencing a delay in production and wanting to remain relevant by selling a few more copies. You can mix and match these strategies however well they work for you!


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