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7 Ways to Advertise Your Book Launch on Twitter

There’s no wrong way to launch a book. Making your book publicly available is the important part. Celebrating and getting the word out to make those day one sales? You make the call.

Many authors flock to their favorite social media programs to celebrate a new release, and Twitter especially is a popular virtual meetup for writers hoping to lure readers to their latest tales. Why Twitter? Because Twitter is easy. Tweets get wider reaches than Facebook or Instagram posts. The short-but-sweet style of Tweets makes pitching approachable and fun, and in a world where everyone follows everyone else, it’s easy to get your word out in a rush.

The reader-writer community of Twitter is one of the stronger ones out there, and makes the platform one of the top alternatives for writers looking to pitch a newly launched book.

Here below are some of the top strategies, many of which are completely free:

1. Your Profile Background

Your profile is a great way to say what you’re all about, and the simplest way to do this is to upload new backgrounds advertising your latest release. Use graphics from your book cover (or the cover itself) to design a compelling background to tease readers. Later in your profile, make sure you link to that new book so that people don’t waste any time checking it out.

Some writers also opt to change their profile picture to promote their latest books, but some general author continuity will help your followers and readers identify you at a glance.

2. Pinned Tweets

Pinning a promotional tweet can ensure that people checking out your profile will hear about your new book without your having to say a word.

To pin a tweet, click on the “More” option on the top right of the tweet and then click “Pin to your profile.” That will leave it on the top of your profile even as you write more tweets.

3. Twitter Cards

Twitter has featured more graphics-based content over its existence, but creating a Twitter card can add a touch of professionalism to your Tweets. While this technique is graphics-heavy and requires some coding knowledge to get it running, the results will impress readers by displaying your tweets in a more eye-catching format.

Have you tried a #writerlift yet? This popular hashtag attracts a train of writers all following each other and pitching your book. If you suffer from a small Twitter following and want a quick boost, host your own #writerlift or join a few others. The process can take only a few minutes, and it’s a great way to meet and interact with other writers.

As per common Twitter courtesy, you’ll want to follow back writers who follow you. You can work to promote each other and grow your followings as a group instead of braving the platform alone.

5. Twitter Ads

You can always advertise on Twitter the old-fashioned way. This approach is best done with experimentation and plenty of tracking as you learn the best way to target readers and the most effective ads to display.

This approach is simpler than creating Twitter cards and has a much broader reach, but costs more the more effective you want it to be. Plan ahead and go big to get more eyes on your new release!

6. Twitter Advertising Packages

Some sites simplify the Twitter advertising game by offering to take care of it for you. These services, such as Shout My Book and Book Tweeters, boast large numbers of readers and will happily campaign your book for a small fee.

When choosing a book advertising service, it’s best to do your homework beforehand. Check out other authors who have used the service and see what reactions they’ve gotten and how their books rank in the store. While you're at it, check to see if the account’s followers are active and interested in books, or merely paid or casual followers who don’t pay much attention.

Keep in mind that buying any advertising service does not guarantee sales. The quality of your book’s cover and the blurb you write will largely affect how well these packages work. However, the simplicity of hiring someone to advertise your books for you can be a relief on your end and give you a lot of visibility you wouldn’t otherwise have experienced.

7. Twitter Giveaways

While there are some services (like Bookfunnel) that specialize in hosting giveaways for copies of your book, running a giveaway on Twitter can be as simple as asking people to retweet you and awarding a random account that does. Giveaways are easy, fun, and flexible, and they go a long way to get more people interested in your book and following your account.

When running a giveaway, keep a set goal in mind and set up accordingly. Do you want followers? Do you want people to sign on to your author list? Do you want to increase sales as well as giving a copy away? What about ebook vs. paperback copies?

Pick one goal and one prize, and orient your giveaway to optimize your success.

Twitter has a vibrant community of excited readers, and there are many ways to reach them. What are some of your favorites? Please share your Twitter experiences in the comments section below or join our Facebook group for self-publishing fiction writers for more discussion.


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