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5 Writing Communities You Can Join Now

You’re more likely to stick with and finish a project if you have a community behind you, and more likely to succeed in self-publishing if you follow the advice of writers who have already been there and done that.

Here are six communities you can join right now, for free, to help you with any stage of your writing and publishing process.

Helps with: Getting that draft down!

NaNoWriMo is easily the most famous community out there when it comes to actually drafting. While the main challenge is in November, more flexible camp sessions in April and July allow you to customize your project so that you can focus on what you want.

In addition to massive forums and Facebook groups, NaNo has many on-site tools and rewards to keep you on-task and having a good time.

Helps with: Networking

Whatever stage of brainstorming, writing or editing you find yourself in, Absolute Write has a forum for that. While this group reaches far beyond the novel, you can find advice and seek expertise in any area you wish.

Absolute Write has been around long enough to be a pillar among online writing communities and continues to have an active base, making it a great place if you’re looking to get some quick tips and feedback on your ideas.

Helps with: Editing

Fictionary’s writing community is new, but already vibrant and engaged with an emphasis on being able to celebrate wins and talk with professional editors around the clock. In addition, this community frequently hosts live training sessions on various stages of editing and classes you can sign up to for free, making it a valuable asset.

Helps with: Peer Critiques

If the cost of hiring an editor is intimidating you, there’s still a good way to get critical feedback on your book before publishing. Scribophile uses a karma system, where you can critique the work of other members in exchange to list segments of your book for free.

Critiques on Scribophile are detailed and come with a layer of expertise that can help you streamline your writing in a friendly environment. The experience that you get writing critiques can also help you refine your own work, leading to stronger writing in the end.

Helps with: Publishing

This is the part where I will shamelessly advertise for my own group on Facebook. There are many fantastic social media groups and hashtags that can connect you with writing communities focused on any genre, style, and ambition imaginable. My group is one of the few that is focused on self-publishing, with posts, videos, and around-the-clock discussions on how you can publish your own books successfully.

Join now by clicking on the blue button below, and I hope to see you on board!


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