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4 Ways to Boost A Free Book Promotion

If your book is free temporarily or long-term, you probably have only one goal in mind: finding readers. Since readers don’t have to invest anything to download and read a free book, you can use their easy attention as a lure to get them to read the other books you have out.

Unfortunately, free books come with their own risks. People often download free books and then don’t bother reading them. Other times you’ll get devoted followers from your free book, but the only thing they will want is more free books.

The key to effective free book promotion is to use your free books to drive traffic directly onto your list and onto your other books. There are a number of ways to ensure this funneling effect, and I’ve listed some below:

1. Put a sign-up in your book.

Some writers put a newsletter signup in the beginning right before the first chapter. Some wait until the last page, and I’ve run into a few who will stuff mailing list invites directly in the middle of a book (typically for non-fiction). Your signup can be a simple link for people to click and join, or you could offer a free reader magnet, likely one that’s connected to the current book.

Isn’t a free reader magnet a little much? You might feel like you’re doing a lot of unpaid work here, but getting readers to join your email list now will be worth it later on. Keep your long-term agenda in mind as you work so that you can decide on the right number of free offerings to give away.

2. Tell your email list, social media, and all current followers.

If your goal is to get more readers or subscribers, then telling your current fans about your free book might sound counter-intuitive. If they already follow you, then what do you get out of it?

But not everyone who follows you on social media is subscribed onto your list—and if these people like you enough to follow you, then how much more devoted will they be when you give them a book? As for your current list followers, it’s true that you won’t get much out of it—but they will, since free goodies are a great way to show your appreciation to loyal followers.

3. Do a mailer swap or giveaway promotion.

You’re not the only author who has a free book out right now. Why not take advantage of the situation and collaborate with others to sell books together? Mass giveaways and individual mailer swaps are great ways to get buzz over your new book—and excite your current readers with offerings from other authors.

Group promotions might cost money, but the traffic they’ll bring in is well worth it. Since your book will also be free for the duration, you can also spare yourself the hassle of sending a copy to the winners. Everything will basically be done for you.

4. Try a free book promotional service.

No book promo service can guarantee downloads and signups, and many might not give any return at all. However, when your book is free and the promotional service is also free, it can be a good way to announce to the reading society at large that your book is worth checking out.

There are many book promo services out there, and the more expensive ones usually give better results. Here are a few of my perennial favorites below, each with a basic free submission option.

Note: When submitting to these promotional services, make sure you follow the instructions clearly. Some will be different than others and might include details you’ll miss if you don’t pay attention.

Awesome Gang: Where Awesome Book Readers Meet Awesome Writers

Best Book Monkey: Free & Discount Books in Your Email

Book Hunt: Hunt for books and win prizes!

Content Mo: Submit your free ebook ad here!

Free Books: The Most Popular Website for Free Books

Korner Connection: Ebook Korner Cafe

Lovely Book Promotions (No longer free)

New Free Kindle Books (Permafree exclusive)

Topless Cowboy (Romance exclusive)

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