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Top Ten Posts of 2014

This is probably going to be my last post of 2014, so I thought it would be a good time to give a shout-out to my top ten posts of the year and announce a few goodies at the end of this particular post. Let’s start with number ten!


I need to do more publicity articles. The reason why so many self-published books go unnoticed by the public has nothing to do with how well written they are–it’s because writers usually don’t know anything about publicity. The good news is that the Internet offers countless easy and inexpensive (even free!) ways to get your book in the eyes of people who want to read it.


By definition, being a winner of NaNoWriMo means that you have completed the rough draft of a novel. Your novel might still have a lot of work ahead of it, but it is done. And my winning NaNoWriMo proves that it is possible.


One of the hardest parts of the writing process for me has been ending my novel, and even when I have an ending in mind it’s hard to know if it’s any good. This article looks at different kinds of endings and their effectiveness–especially the semi-controversial but ever popular surprise ending.


Another publicity article, and perhaps the most surprising hit on this list. My recent take on the many different Ebook Marketing options made it to the Yahoo News page and got far more buzz than I was expecting, as well as over a hundred comments (and several hundred spam comments that I still get multiple times a day). In the end, I’m surprised that it’s as low as it is on this list, though I wasn’t aiming for much with it.


This humorous article reflects on the many fears that I’ve developed as a writer that most people could never relate to. Apparently I’m not alone. It’s interesting to think about how writing affects your own perceptions of the world, and sometimes not for the better.


It’s true that you can’t see your own stereotypes. That’s one of the most horrible things about them. You want your writing to be fully dimensional, and you don’t want to put people in a group based on ethnicity or occupation, but how can you work past something that you don’t even know is there? I was thrilled when I tried out this one activity that blasted away stereotypes that I hadn’t even thought about before!


Some people lock themselves onto a favorite genre and make it their lives. Others avoid genres whenever possible and hold genre literature as cheap and unimaginative. Is it okay if you want to write in a genre? Or does it mean that you’re not a serious writer? This article takes a look at the different views on genres and what it could mean for you as a writer.


Everyone wants a quick fix. A magic tweak that will take your novel from blah to bedazzling. While there might not really be a magic formula to skyrocket your writing skills, something as simple as a word search could give your story the extra boost it needs to take it to the top. Which of these words are you overusing?


I generally like to stay out of conflicts and controversies when I can, but sometimes it’s worth taking a look and forming an opinion. The Kindle Unlimited dilemma could shake up your entire career (and mine), and you need to beware of how you choose to distribute your book.


This was another surprise hit for me, but it has almost twice as many views as the last article on this list. There are a lot of great editing resources online that just need to be discovered. Whether you’re looking for a better spellchecker or a group of fellow writers to work through your drafts with you, the Internet has it, and it’s definitely worth taking a look!

Near the end of the year I enjoy taking a look back on my progress and seeing what areas I’ve grown in and what still needs work. I started Finish That Novel! back in March or April, and the site has really grown and improved since then. Most of the articles on this list were only written in the past month or two, and I’m constantly finding new things to write about.

And as an end-of-the-year treat to all of you awesome readers and writers, I have two exciting updates to announce! First of all, I am done writing Finish That Novel: The Book. Now I’m formatting it. This might take a while because I want to do some pretty fancy formatting, but I’ve already done some work on it and so far so good!

Secondly, next week I am going to start releasing a bi-weekly newsletter, featuring popular articles, writing tips, quotes, and exercises to help you improve your writing and finish your novel. I’m putting the signup form together right now, and soon you’ll have the option to sign up. I look forward to being in touch. Happy New Year, everyone!


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