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Top Ten Posts of 2014



10: Almighty Internet: Your Novel’s Publicity




9: Tips from A NaNo Winner


NaNo Logo


8: The Good, The Bad, and The Surprise Ending


Photo on 9-4-14 at 12.48 PM #2


7: Ebook Marketing: What Authors Should Know




6: 10 Fears That Only Writers Have


Watching Clown


5: Destroy Stereotypes in Your Writing with One Trick




4: Genres: Good? Bad? Neither?




3: Ten Words that Will Keep You from Getting Published




2: Kindle Unlimited: Blessing or Bane to Indie Authors?




1: 5 Sites to Maximize Your Editing



Near the end of the year I enjoy taking a look back on my progress and seeing what areas I’ve grown in and what still needs work. I started Finish That Novel! back in March or April, and the site has really grown and improved since then. Most of the articles on this list were only written in the past month or two, and I’m constantly finding new things to write about.

And as an end-of-the-year treat to all of you awesome readers and writers, I have two exciting updates to announce! First of all, I am done writing Finish That Novel: The Book. Now I’m formatting it. This might take a while because I want to do some pretty fancy formatting, but I’ve already done some work on it and so far so good!

Secondly, next week I am going to start releasing a bi-weekly newsletter, featuring popular articles, writing tips, quotes, and exercises to help you improve your writing and finish your novel. I’m putting the signup form together right now, and soon you’ll have the option to sign up. I look forward to being in touch. Happy New Year, everyone!

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