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Top Fiverr Gigs for Authors

Fiverr is a large market of freelance individuals who compete to give you the most for your money. While some gigs are cheap and won’t give you a worthwhile return on your financial investment, others are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Here are some of the top things that you can find at a good price on Fiverr without skimping on quality.

There are pages of cover artists on Fiverr. Cover design is a popular niche, but some artists are far more advanced than others. When choosing a cover design artist, check out other covers the artist has designed and see if they fit your standards.

Most Fiverr covers are generic at best, but if you’re a frequent publisher who’s satisfied blending in with your genre crowd, some of these gigs might be right for you.

Pro Tip: Check to see that you have the rights to the image. Some artists steal photos while others have collections they have already purchased.

Book Cover Gigs:

The outside of your book looks fantastic, but what about the inside? A professional layout is hard to find or achieve, and layout software is expensive. Fortunately, some people who have figured out the art of interior book layout are willing to share their talents with authors in need.

Since book layout can mean different things to different people (ebook, paperback, illustrated, graphic), make sure you find someone who has worked on similar projects and whose earlier work you would like to see replicated on yours.

Book Layout Gigs:

Graphic appeal goes a long way. If you have a book cover you love, why not flaunt it with a unique advertisement or a promotional book trailer? These ads are easy to post and promote on social media and fun to share with readers. They’ll also make your book appear more official and ramp up that extra attention you want for a new release.

There’s a lot of flexibility with buying custom promotional graphics on Fiverr, but as always, review the earlier jobs from the artist your considering. It’s also a good idea to write a few lines of promotional text in advance or clip some reviews to spice up your advertisement.

Book Trailer Gigs:

You can’t buy book reviews on Fiverr, and editing jobs often add up for entire novels, but a query or synopsis review is easy. For only a few dollars, you can get quality feedback on your synopsis and learn if your book works structurally before you begin drafting. That’s a serious win for all the planners and plotters out there!

Synopsis Review Gigs:

What Fiverr gigs have helped you in your writing? Please share in the comments section below or join my Facebook group for self-publishing fiction writers for further discussion.


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