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TikTok: A Necessity for The Modern Author?

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About half of the world’s population is active on social media. Facebook and Twitter are the giants who have been around for most of this century, but every now and then a new platform raises its head and meets with success.

These days, micro-video platform TikTok is the latest and greatest social media obsession. While it started out as a teen phenomenon a few years ago, it’s expanded to the point where it now has content for everybody, and that includes readers.

Many authors have already hopped onto the TikTok bandwagon, and some of them have met with huge success. Since it’s still in the phase of rapidly growing, people are still looking for exciting book and writing-related content, and it’s possible to get discovered with a single viral video.

In fact, when I recently asked my Facebook group what their ideal promotion would look like, TikTok ranked as one of the most popular options discussed. It has become a big deal.

So… is it necessary?

Do you need TikTok?

Like any social media site, your personal style and preferences play a huge role with TikTok. If you’ve already discovered the platform and waste time on it, you can easily turn it into a key part of your personal promotional plan.

It’s easy to check out popular writing-related hashtags and see what other authors are doing for their books to get ideas for your own. Many of the best videos are extremely simple, featuring quotes, cover reveals, or behind-the-scenes peeks into your writing life.

What if it isn’t your style?

That’s fine. However popular it is, TikTok is only one strategy out of many.

If you're interested in making videos but hesitant about the seeming commitment, it's easy to blend video and text content on Facebook and Instagram without getting a new account on a new site. Youtube has continued to remain popular for some reading and writing audiences as well.

Then again, there are some authors who avoid social media entirely, doubling down on another tactic instead.

What if TikTok is absolutely your style?

There are many different ways to make fun videos showcasing your writing, and some of them are extremely easy! Follow a few other authors to start with and decide what kind of video looks like fun. Remember that quality engagement is better than quantity (but the quantity that comes from a successful TikTok video might easily win fans for your future books.

I've also compiled a sheet of ten easy types of videos to try when you're starting out. You can read it now on my Patreon page by clicking on the red button below and subscribing.


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