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My Kindle Scout Adventure: Day 1

I’m losing track of what part I am at this point. Today is the first day of my campaign on Kindle Scout. All day I’ve been passing the link out, sharing on social media, and brainstorming of ways to get word out.

I do have competition–four or five other books also started their campaign today. And one of them is already trending. Already trending. Yikes. I’m not trending. My page says that I haven’t even gotten views yet–though some people have told me that they’ve voted and the page says that it hasn’t been updated yet. How often do they update? Is there a certain interval before votes can be registered?

I’ve posted on Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest and shared the link with StumbleUpon. I’ve also tweeted every hour on the hour about it with a different slant and hashtag. That’s gotten some decent results. But I’m paranoid. Someone else who was starting today is already trending, and I’m not. Have I failed already? Do I just not have what it takes to promote a book?  I’m also running low on ideas. Have I left out something obvious? Is there something more I should say, or a better hook for getting people interested? Will I ever make trending?

People are only allowed to give one vote to each book. If my friends and family and peers all gave their votes today and I’m still not on trending, then I probably won’t ever make it. And if I’m not on trending at all… the editors will probably dismiss me without a second thought.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is only day one.


If you want to help me out and join in my latest publishing adventure yourself, please cast your vote for my novel at


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