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Kindle Vella Overview

What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s latest publishing platform. Released in 2021, this platform allows authors to release their books in a serial format. Readers buy keys to unlock future chapters and can follow stories while they’re being written.

The difference between Kindle Vella and Amazon’s other publishing fronts (Kindle Direct and Kindle Select) is the serial format. Writers have the unique opportunity to be paid while drafting and attract an audience while the book is still underway. This allows for advanced flexibility and low-pressure writing without the massive commitment of writing entire books at a time.

Kindle Vella’s Usability

The framework of Kindle Vella is easy to follow, but the layout still requires a lot of clicking around and jumping from page to page. I’ve also had minor formatting issues with Vella that are easy to fix but crop up frequently. Many authors find it clunkier than Amazon’s other publishing fronts, but it’s still basic enough to navigate even if you’re not tech-savvy.

As for the pay, the process is similar to Kindle Select. You get paid for every key spent unlocking your chapters. Longer chapters cost more keys and will pay off better, but shorter chapters are easier for readers to warm up to if they’re not fully committed to following your story. It’s also worth noting that Amazon gives substantial bonuses to Kindle Vella writers. While these bonuses are never guaranteed or defined, they’re fun to wake up to.

Is Kindle Vella for You?

Kindle Vella is for you if it sounds fun and if it’s conducive to how you want to write and publish. Is it necessary? No. Unlike Kindle Select, Vella has not moved on to be a primary publishing venue for many authors. Both the readership and the writers involved remain only a small pool of what’s available through more traditional methods. But with the flexibility and the ability to grow your readership and earn from a book while publishing, this is a helpful venue for some writers who want to try doing things a little differently.

Should you get on Kindle Vella? If it sounds like fun. Appears to have remained “niche” since releasing and doesn’t have a good crowd, but if the flexibility sounds good, go for it!

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