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Audiobook Production: Are You Ready Yet? (Quiz!)

Audiobooks are a great addition to your lineup, but they can be expensive and a relatively weak investment for authors who are just starting out. If you’re curious about dipping your toes in this dynamic format, here’s a quick quiz with some food for thought.

So how did you do?

The meaning of your results is subjective and can vary from author to author. Your books already being self-sufficient is a plus, since getting recording equipment or hiring a narrator to do the work for you is more of an investment than simply printing a paperback edition. Your sales in other formats like paperback and hardcover are also good indicators of how well you can sell an audiobook.

Energy and enthusiasm are also critical elements. If you’re low on budget but really hooked on the idea of narrating your own audiobook and sharing it with readers, you might consider moving forward anyway and having fun with it. Otherwise, you can always review your progress in future months to evaluate whether you’re ready to move forward.

What’s your audiobook story? Please share in the comment section below or click on the blue button to visit the Pen and Glory Facebook group, where the self-publishing discussion never ends.


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