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How to Re-Write Your Novel–without Losing Your Sanity (Curated Post)

A personal note: re-writing is currently the hardest, most diabolical part of the writing process for me. It feels like I’m stabbing my baby in the gut… over and over again. Like I’m trashing all my ideas and everything I worked so hard on while drafted. I can spend hours writing a segment only to toss it out as soon as I start the re-write. This post from the Self Publishing Advisor really helped clear things up!

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? FAcing the manuscript, the first draft, with the question “What’s next?” dying on our lips, and a growing realization sitting like a lead weight in our bellies: Rewriting. That’s what comes next. The Elysium Fields of publication seem to hurtle themselves back into the distance, once so close we […]


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