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Grammarly Review: Automatic Proofreader

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I recently told my husband that for every hour I spend writing, I spend three more editing. It’s a rough guess–I spend much more on some areas and less in others, but as a rule, I don’t especially enjoy editing. That’s why I don’t offer editing services here–I’m a writer, not an editor.


Grammarly is one tool that I use to cut down on my editing. I’ve actually been using Grammarly for several years now and usually tend to take it for granted–but it is helpful. That’s why it finally reached my resource page and why I’m finally doing a review during my downtime. But let’s get into the details!

What is it? Grammarly is a proofreader, editor, and plagiarism checker rolled into one. It works a lot like Microsoft’s spell check, only that Grammarly is more intelligent and perceptive. It catches mistakes that spell check doesn’t–like misplaced commas and awkward wording, and even possible typos. If you have an account, you’ll get weekly updates on your skill level, most common errors, and vocabulary. That can spur you on to write more and better, and it works!

What does it work on? Anything. Everything. I used it writing an email earlier today and then several times on this blog post. The premium version works offline as well and can be hooked onto anything, like Word or Scrivener.

Does it really help? Yeah. It really does. I was a bit skeptical when I first downloaded it–I wanted a free editor, but with a degree in writing and literature I already knew most basic errors. Spell check never catches anything for me except for supposedly misspelled fantasy names and some phrases that I use for emphasis. Grammarly catches things all the time. Mistakes I didn’t even realize I was making. It’s saved me quite a bit of embarrassment.

How much is it? A basic subscription is free. That includes unlimited online usage, weekly updates, and is enough to make a difference. The premium edition is very inexpensive and worth the investment to serious writers. Not only can it be used offline as well as online, but it catches more advanced errors that are almost impossible to spot.

Conclusion: Though transparent, Grammarly is an effective editing tool for both online and offline usage. It’s completely free for a try, so why not give it a spin? The link is right here.



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