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Facebook Official!

That’s right. I got so desperate in procrastinating on that one story I promised to have done by the end of the week that I went out and got Finish That Novel! a Facebook page. And better ads and widgets on the side of the pages here, because the old ads were pretty ugly but the site looked empty without them. Besides, these are much more relevant!

I will warn you that I’ve never been very active on Facebook since I joined a couple years ago, but I’ll try to update it regularly with writing tips and tricks in addition to the latest updates here on the site.

Anyway, I’ve decided that Finish That Novel! is now ready to take a step forward in the world and become a more serious endeavor. So far I’ve gotten good feedback, and I want to make it better and get the word out! What’s my vision for this site? Hopefully in the future I can add actual hosting (getting rid of the “siterubix” in the URL), start a newsletter, and revamp the theme instead of using this generic WordPress option. I’m also thinking about starting a “Side Notes” section where I’ll showcase cool finds and information that might not directly relate to writing and finishing novels. And of course there are other social networks to consider, such as Twitter and Google +. . . . But all in good time. After all, I still have those books to finish!

So–please like and share this website to support it if you like it, and let’s see if together we can make some of those features happen!



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