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Do You Have What it Takes to Be A Successful Author? Quiz: Curated

They might be cheap and all over the place as far as the Internet is concerned, but I still like to take fun quizzes from time to time. Here’s a quiz for writers from Author Marketing Experts Inc. which I found to be pretty accurate judging from my experience. Tips for taking it include being honest. Even if you’re still working on your first rough draft, it’s never too early to start planning marketing strategies–and it’s fun to think of how far you can take it.


Quizzes are an interactive and fun way to make an assessment about almost anything, so we wanted to design another quiz to give authors insight into their approach to making their book a success. We hope you get a lot out of it!

You’ve been given $20,000 to market your book. What do you do with this money:

a) I would use it to blast my book out of the gate.

Successful Author

b) I would use it incrementally, over time. So maybe part of it for the launch and spread it out over six months or so.

c) I’d use it to get a video trailer made for the book. Video is so hot right now!

d) I’d use it to pay for ads and probably to have someone turn the book into a screenplay. My book should be a movie and we all know, that’s where the real money is!

You’ve published one book but when it comes to writing your next one you:

a) I’m sort of waiting to see what happens with this one, to see if it gets legs, then I’ll put out a second one.

b) I’m already finished with the second and working on the third.

c) I’ll write one in a year or so, maybe two years. I’m really busy.

d) I am just going to write the one book.

How was your book edited:

a) I had it professionally edited by some of the best of course!

b) I had a content editor and copy editor.

c) I asked a friend to do it for me, she’s really good with words.

d) Editing? I did it myself. I AM a wrier.

Are you clear on the genre of your book:

a) Yes, I know my genres, I have more than one.

b) I am very clear, one genre – that’s it and that’s my focus!

c) I created a genre for my book because one didn’t already exist.

d) I think everyone should read it.

Have you read other books in your market:

a) Yes, I read a ton of everything.

b) I read books in my own genre.

c) I don’t have time to read anyone else’s books.

d) I don’t read.

Do you read book marketing blogs or newsletters:

a) I’m subscribed to all of the big ones.

b) I try to read a few each week, just to stay clear on what’s going on in the industry.

c) I don’t have time, though I’d like to.

d) I do not see a need, really. It won’t sell books will it?

Do you have a website:

a) I do have a professionally designed website, I spent a fortune on it.

b) I have a professionally designed website, I didn’t go crazy with it. It’s something I can expand later if I need to.

c)I have a website, I made it myself.

d) I don’t have a website, I just use Amazon.

How often do you blog:

a) Daily, I love blogging!

b) I don’t always have a ton to say so sometimes blogging is a stretch for me, but I post at least once a week.

c) I blog once a month.

d) I don’t think I need to blog, the book speaks for itself.

How are you at social media:

a) I love it! I’m on every single social media site you can imagine.

b) I only do one or two sites but I’m on there frequently. I don’t want to spread myself too thin.

c) I am on Facebook, with a personal page. I’m not really sure how to navigate social media really.

d) I don’t think social media sells books.

Are you actively seeking book reviews:

a) I did a lot of that in the beginning, so now I’ve moved on to other things.

b) I reach out to readers as well as bloggers pretty regularly.

c) I don’t know how to pitch book reviewers, it’s tough to know where to start.

d) I can’t afford to mail my book to reviewers so no, not unless they will take an e-copy of it.

Are you active on Goodreads:

a) Yes, very active. I’m on there all the time.

b) I get on once a week, occasionally comment on groups, and post reviews of books I read.

c) Goodreads is kind of evil, I’ve heard that people post bad reviews there, not worth the risk.

d) I don’t think it will sell books.

What have you done locally to promote your book:

a) I’m only focused on national exposure, print media, national radio, etc.

b) I’ve done a lot of local outreach and gotten some promising replies!

c) I pitched myself to The Today Show and Ellen, I watch those regularly, but no word back yet.

d) My book has global appeal, once my press release goes out I’ll expect calls.

Have you done a free eBook promo or any discounted eBook promotion:

a) No, I think it cheapens my work.

b) I do these pretty frequently. I think it’s a great way to build a fan base and get exposure.

c) I did one but no one reviewed the book, so it’s kind of a waste of my time.

d) It doesn’t seem like a good way to make money.

How much did you price your eBook for:

a) It’s about ¾ the price of my paperback.

b) I keep mine at $2.99 and sometimes less

c) I need to make my investment back so I have the eBook the same price as the paperback.

d) I don’t have an eBook, serious readers still only want print.

Your results!

Mostly A’s

You’re killing it but…. I would consider a slightly different approach because with all of the effort you’re putting in, it may be hard to keep up that pace. Most marketing campaigns do well in the long-term. Many authors don’t see a return on their investment for months (and months) after they start promoting their book. The strategies you have lined up are great and I applaud you for your momentum but take your foot off of the gas just slightly so you don’t exhaust all of your time, money, and effort!

Also consider a planning agenda, so map out what you’ll do when. This could help you manage the pace a bit better.

Mostly B’s

You’re a rock star, maybe even the next James Patterson! You know what you need to do and you’re on it. The only thing I could recommend to you is to stay the course and be vigilant. If you do, I’ll be reading about you in the New York Times and likely going to see the movie based on your book. Wait, is that Oscar calling?

Mostly C’s

You’re doing great but sometimes you’re a bit lost. That’s ok, there’s no problem with being a bit lost but you should take some time to learn the industry more. I recommend taking some classes through IBPA (they offer classes to their members for a small fee, they also have a yearly conference).

And here are some great blogs you should check in on regularly:

Mostly D’s

Book marketing is a bit of a challenge for you, isn’t it? I think what’s called for here is an honest assessment of why you got into this and what your goals are for the book. If you just wrote one book to get your story out there, that’s great. But if this is a career move, then take a hard look at how much time you reasonably need to spend marketing. One book won’t make you famous and if you want this to be a career, then get some training or hire someone who can help you gain more traction for it, as well as introduce you to the importance of different promotional strategies and what’s working for successful author’s in today’s landscape. Hire folks to do the work you don’t feel you can do or don’t have time to. If you want the book to succeed, don’t let it languish waiting for the media to come knocking on your door!

Mostly F’s

If you know there were no F options you actually cared enough to take the quiz and see how you stack up – kudos to you! If you just scrolled to the bottom to see “what the deal is” then dear grasshopper, you are an F student and should take your book marketing more seriously!

Happy Marketing!



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