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Awesome Announcement Time!

It’s been a while since I last updated the layout of Finish That Novel!. I aim to provide one of the web’s premiere resources for writers looking to finish writing, editing and publishing their novels. In such a rapidly changing industry as book publishing, that means that I’m constantly looking for new updates and more helpful features to add, while still keeping everything accessible and information easy to find.

The following schedule is not set in stone, but here are my current plans to improve Finish That Novel! in 2016:

March: Site update! I might switch providers and I’ll definitely go for a dramatically different theme. I want to make things more social and easier to find, so I will add more social media buttons and a search bar. I’m also preparing a free PDF toolkit for writers looking for a quick resource, and I’ll streamline the Facebook page and site page so that they’re more obviously the same resource (right now they look completely different. Check out the current FB page here.).

April: What I’ve been promising for a long time now. Finish That Novel! the book is finally finishing production and should be available by sometime in April. It’s going to be a mix of old and new information with exercises and activities that you can implement immediately.

June-August: Classes! I’ve been taking several online classes now through both email correspondence and Udemy, and I’ve been learning a lot! I’ve also been considering adding classes to Finish That Novel! for a couple years, and now I think I have enough of a grounding to go for it. Over the spring, I’ll have some quick polls and surveys that will let you tell me what you would most like to see in a course and how I can best help you in this way. Then, depending on the results, at some point over the summer I’ll release the classes. Right now I’m planning on a free survey class with paid specialty classes (prices TBD).

September: This is the iffy-est thing on the list, but it’s so simple and common now that I think it’s worth looking into: a podcast. These won’t be anything fancy, but if you don’t have time to read through articles on how to improve your novel you might want to check it out. Right now I have the first airing scheduled for after Labor Day in the US.

As I mentioned before, none of these are set in stone, and the dates are an estimate based on how well I think I’ll be able to do them and what timing I believe will be the most comfortable.

What changes would you like to see on FTN? Is there any way I haven’t listed that I can make the site easier and more helpful for you? Please let me know your thought and suggestions in the comments section below!

In the meantime, why not cast a quick vote for my current Kindle Scout book, The Naked Crow (link here: I’d super appreciate it, and thanks!

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