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Traditional, Hybrid, or Self-Publishing? Find Your Fit: Quiz

Not everyone is cut out for self-publishing. If you’re starting out, the options available today might look overwhelming, and you might not want to commit to one method when another could be a better fit.

There are three common ways to get a book published:

1. Traditional publishing. This means either submitting to a publisher directly or finding an agent who can recommend your books to publishers who would be interested in what you write. This method costs nothing out of pocket but will likely involve signing away your rights to the book and any involvement in the production or distribution.

2. Hybrid publishing. This is what it sounds like—a hybrid approach to publishing where authors work with publishers to publish their book. Typically a submission is required beforehand, and the writer would choose a publishing package before moving forward. This method can be pricey up front, but allows for freedom and less maintenance than full self-publishing.

3. Self-publishing. The core of this blog! Self-publishing is taking full control and ownership over publishing your own books. You keep your rights, but you also do all the work yourself.

Many authors will try one method and then go with another if it doesn’t work out as expected, and there’s not a big chance of being black-listed by publishers if you self-publish first. If the book is a reliable success, that might even work to your advantage.

Still deciding? Try the flowchart quiz below to see where you fall.

As always, please sign up and comment to share your experiences with any of these different styles of publishing. You can also join my group for self-publishing fiction writers on Facebook by clicking the blue button below.


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