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Top 7 Places to Hire Freelancers: for Authors

Publishing isn’t a one-man job, and writers who choose to go indie are left with a lot of work to compensate. You might be a great writer, but how do you rank as a publisher? Do you know how to secure a winning cover, land high-profile interviews, or arrange signings? Can you tell if your editing friend really knows what’s best for your writing?

Enter the freelance gig economy. Freelance gigs allow you to pick and choose individual team members to help with your books from a broad pool of selections. They put you in charge as a publisher and ensure quality work that you couldn’t get if you did it alone.

This isn’t only an option for the rich, either. You choose how many people you want on your team, what you want to outsource and what you feel comfortable doing yourself. You can hire freelancers at any budget for nearly any kind of work.

(If you wanted, you could potentially outsource your entire novel. Not that I’d recommend that…)

Here are some examples of what freelancers can give your book:

If you’re ready to give your upcoming release star treatment as a publisher, here’s a list of places where you can find the best freelancers for the job. Popular freelancing options that help writers include cover design, website design, and publicity as well as editing and proof-reading.

Skills: Various

Fiverr is the ultimate discount freelancing site, with services available for as little as $5. While the quality of work is unreliable, it’s effective if you have a limited budget or are still hesitant about hiring a certain kind of freelancer.

Skills: Various

In addition to being a great place to land some freelance writing gigs, Upwork offers freelance services of all kinds. Submit your work request and choose from a pool of talented professionals at a price you both agree on.

Skills: Editing

Reedsy is a hub for publishing professionals to connect and hang out, and it boasts a large number of professional editors available for hire. Since Reedsy’s editors are skilled and often the top of their field, you don’t need to wonder if you are getting a professional job for your book--you found the best.

Skills: Web

While Freelancer has a bigger pool than simple web design, the website options are its strongest suit. Get ready to give your author site a full makeover!

Skills: Book covers, graphics

99 Designs works uniquely in that you are able to host a competition for artists around the world to design your cover--and choose from a pool of dozens of custom designs. Expect the best quality for the price!

Skills: Various

Envato has risen to the top lately for its fantastic graphic and audio libraries, allowing authors and other entrepreneurs to take their presence to the next level. EnvatoStudio is yet another service: a community of freelancers who specialize in web design, publicity, graphics, and more. How’s that for a publishing team pack?

Skills: Various

If you like the idea of Fiverr but want something a little more premium, People Per Hour posts a variety of gig offers from vetted freelancers who can give you a top-notch job. Shop around and find the perfect team.

How do you find freelancers to help with your books? Let me know in the comments below or joy my Facebook group for self-publishing fiction authors for further discussion!


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