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My Adventures With Kindle Scout: Crossing My Fingers

The campaign is over. The final day added 22 additional hours on Hot and Trending, and ever since I received news that the editors are now looking through it, I’ve been terrified to check my email in case there’s a rejection note. I’ve read about people getting rejected about this point, so I guess I’m doing okay so far!

I don’t know what to think about my scenario. On the one hand, I’m pretty sure I bombed the publicity arena. I can’t publicize, can’t market, and can’t campaign for votes. I spent the last day of my campaign at a local coffee shop that I’d heard loves writers… but I was far too shy to breathe a word about my campaign. Before then I backed off from all the publicity and spent an entire work day praying–if for nothing more than my own mental health going through this.

Kindle Scout is a month of exhilaration. There’s no break and no way to know where you stand through the month. When I read up on it, I quickly learned that there is no real good way to know for sure if you’ll be selected for publication or rejected straight off the bat. Some winners seem completely shocked–while other people work hard at doing it right and don’t go anywhere in the end. Over all, I’m not very hopeful. But I can’t help being at least a little hopeful, and enjoy the not knowing while it lasts!



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