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50 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

I'm not a member of the camp who claims that "Writer's block doesn't exist." It does, and it's miserable. But then again, I haven't suffered from it for years, and I don't know of any successful or prolific authors who do. Most writers I know with this affliction are either very young or very new to writing. If this is you, then don't worry--it doesn't last, and it's never insurmountable.

Ready to beat this thing?

Here's a list of fifty different ways to break writer's block and get back to the story you love. I made it a graphic so you can save and print it easily for inspiration.

My favorites? Explaining my story to one of my cats, listening to a soundscape ( is the BEST!) and freewriting past the trouble spot.

If you keep writing, even one word at a time, the moment will come to an end, I promise!


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