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Top 10 Gifts for Writers

It’s that time of year again. Since I haven’t written a post about gifts for writers before, I thought it would be a good idea to share my top ten below. These gifts can fit any budget and might be more exciting than a dressy notebook, and can be appreciated by writers of any level.

1. Fountain pen

Recommended: Dryden fountain pen

Why not add a little class to writing and give your favorite writer a new hobby? Quality fountain pens start at a surprisingly low price, and there are also some disposable fountain pens if you want to throw in a splash of color.

2. Purple seat cushion

Recommended: Royal seat cushion

You might have seen commercials for the Purple mattress before, but the Purple grid can show up anywhere. For a task that demands a lot of sitting down (like writing) a good seat cushion can go a long way and add a lot of comfort to lengthy writing and editing sprints.

3. Standing convertible desk

On the note of sitting too much, maybe it’s time to shake it up! Some convertible and standing desks fit over current desks, so they won’t take space or sabotage a writer’s setup. The ability to stand for stretches at a time is energizing and a good break from back pain and legs falling asleep. Plus, the cat will be thrilled to claim the chair in the meantime.

4. Rocketbook

Recommended: Rocketbook Fusion

Not all writers use pen-and-paper notebooks to write or track things down, but some do. In these cases, Rocketbook has a lineup of different notebooks and planners that can be reused multiple times and synced with various devices. This is an especially good gift for writers who end up with stacks and stacks of old notebooks with little use for them and little space for more.

5. Nanoleaf panels

Recommended: Triangles

This isn’t a writing gift, per se. But effective lighting is one of the best ways to set the tone for a good novelling session. These panels can be set to any color scheme possible and arranged in any formation that best catches your eye. It’s a good add-on to anyone who needs more light, or to the writer who has everything.

6. Lucky Bamboo

Recommended: From a local store

Small houseplants can brighten up any office space—and even act as muses for those in need of inspiration. These bamboo add a playful and tropical flair to any room and require minimal care and attention. Since they do well in limited sunlight, they’re also a perfect fit for writing dens buried deep inside the house.

7. Ergonomic mouse

Recommended: Yumqua wireless mouse

Writers dealing with repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel is so common that the situation has become something of a cliché. Thankfully, there are a variety of ergonomic keyboards that can make typing more comfortable over longer stretches of time. Ergonomic mice also exist but are less common (and therefore, better gift material). Often these mice don’t require mousepads and bring with them extra flexibility that comes in handy.

8. Desk treadmill

We’ve discussed seat cushions and standing desks, but it goes further than that. Walking has often demonstrated itself to be an effective creativity boost, and desk treadmills can be paired with standing desks to provide a moderate workout and a great way to stretch one’s legs without stepping away from the keyboard.

9. Spillnot

This hidden gem was given to me by my husband a couple years ago, and I use it all the time. While it looks overly simple, it is the best way you’ll find to avoid spilling hot drinks when carrying multiple items from one room to another. It is a must-have for any writer with a tea or coffee habit.

10. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are a fun style, but for writers who live in cold places, they can be especially gratifying. It’s easy to keep your hands warm when typing in a cold room.

I hope you’ve found something fun in this list of gifts for writers. If so, you can sign up to leave a comment about your favorite gift below. If you’re a writer yourself and want to plugin to a self-publishing network, I invite you to click the blue button below and join my Facebook group for self-publishing fiction writers today.



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