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Pitch Perfect: Anatomy of A Book Pitch

Pitch Perfect

Writing a pitch is a helpful idea for any fiction writer, whether or not you want to go traditional. For writers who self-publish, crafting a pitch for an agent is still beneficial. It allows you to test your elevator pitch for your book, demonstrate that you understand your own story and what will make it popular among readers.

Skeptical? Try writing a brief pitch and see how difficult it is. You'll walk away with a much better understanding of where you're at.

The three parts of this pitch are the introduction, book blurb/description, and the summary. Spend some time writing each of these parts as if you were about to submit your pitch to an agent, and you'll soon learn what parts of your book rock. . . and what still needs work.

Here's a diagram of a sample pitch. Read it over, and then create your own.


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