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National Novel Editing Month


That puts a bit of the fire out for me. I was excited that I could have the opportunity to log in 50 hours of editing this month and finally shape up a couple of drafts, but it looks like it won’t happen this year. At least not officially! Hopefully by setting up this post I can motivate myself and you that this is still supposed to be NaNoEdMo, and it is still very possible to log in 50+ hours of editing! Think of everything you can get done with that. Even if you’re still in the writing stage, stopping to patch up what you already have can make a world of a difference in your perspective and sense of direction in your story.

Plus, this isn’t the only editing event out there. December is dedicated to finishing novels, and there’s also an event late in the year that is dedicated to ironing out lumps in your plot. Take a look at my calendar for a full list of events coming up this year.

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