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It’s June!

Aaaand, it’s June! A great month to finish that novel and get those writing muscles back in gear! I’m busy this week with Book-In-A-Week, where I’m writing a story about a girl who gets kidnapped by gypsies (no idea where that’s going, but I’m hoping to tie it into another novel I’m trying to finish), doing some final editing on last year’s NaNoWriMo novel, and making writing plans for the future.

So what does the month of June have in store? Book-In-A-Week and 750 Words are both already going strong, as they do every month. JuNoWriMo is a June-specific writing challenge–I haven’t tried it, but if you want something that’s especially intense this might be a good option to wrap it up!

There was also a mistake in the schedule: I thought Camp NaNoWriMo was in June and August. Instead it turns out that it’s changed to April and July. That’s a good thing for me, as I was wanting to do it but really couldn’t this month.

It’s true that summer is a slow time for writing events. But maybe that’s a good thing: you aren’t nearly as likely to start writing a new story when the old ones are waiting to be finished up. This is a good time to do independent work, to isolate what needs to be done in a story and get it done.

Finally, because I feel like I should say something of writing-related importance in today’s post, here is a tip that we should all remember to heed as writers:


Ok, nothing phenomenal there. But seriously, what are you even reading this paragraph for? What am I even writing it for? If either of us were better at obeying that one tip above we’d be finishing novels instead of spending time browsing a website…

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