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Define Your Author Goal: Quiz

People write for different reasons, and people also choose self-publishing for different reasons. While you probably have an idea of where you fit in as an author, here’s a quiz to get you thinking about the results you want.

Keep in mind that no result is better than the others, and your key goal might fall outside of the answers. This is just a fun brainstorming activity, not an official categorization.

Mostly A’s: You’re an authenticity writer. You have a story on your heart, and possibly more than one. When it comes to writing, don’t let yourself get distracted by get-rich-quick hacks. Let your audience grow organically while you focus on writing the stories you were meant to write.

Mostly B’s: You’re a commercial writer. Your flexibility and willingness to work hard can come to your advantage. Don’t get discouraged if the success you want doesn’t happen overnight—consistency will go a long way.

Mostly C’s: You’re a performing writer. While some people write for themselves and others to make sales, you write to entertain others. There is a balance between authenticity and commercialism that will help you succeed, but don’t get too sucked into one at the cost of the other.

Mixed up: You’re one of a kind. If you want, you can pick from the results to better define what kind of writer you are and what your goals are. In an industry defined by its distractions, you’ll go much further if you have a goal in mind.

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